what to wear for your photography photo shoot

this question gets asked to me quite a bit “what should we wear”.  since last year i have been meaning to write a blog on colour combos, how to dress and how to  prepare for your photo shoot . the time has finally come.

what to do

+ plan ahead – just in case something doesn’t fit the day of.  try it on a few days before. 
+ know the location of the shoot – its great to dress to that location or the look you are going for.  ie. for a green forest setting you do not want to wear green from head to toe.
+ what you/i like – i love the simple look mostly for newborns and smash the cakes. light colour pastels and clean and simple neutrals. although i do like a neutral with a pop of colour too.  again this refers back to knowing the location.  you have to dress in what makes you comfortable. wear what feels good on you and makes you feel confident.
+ colours – neutrals , same colour tones or coordinating colours
+ what to think about – if you are going to hang these photos in your home what goes with your colour scheme, also outfits with textures look great too. layering outfits adds texture as well .

 Here are some fantastic examples on what to wear in a family, maternity, newborn and birthday photo shoots

coordinating colours with a pop of purple
all neutrals, same tones with layers
all neutrals with the layered and different textures. 
 coordinating everyday natural look 
 neutrals and simple
 layered with a coordinating outfit
 same tones, simple and clean
clean with a pop of colour

what maybe not to do
+for everyone to be wearing matchy match  
+for the whole family to wear all black or all white or to wear all matching colours.  
+logos and big characters on clothing doesn’t always look great in photos.

if you have any more questions on what to wear or to book your next photo shoot, please email me at info@thefinaltouchphotography.ca or book now here.

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