Where have I been | Baby number three

looking at my website you would wonder where I have been forever. Well, I was
working like crazy, take photos of love families, up till my birth of my little
son that was born in June. Now we are in Spring. Over the winter months we
moved. I’m so excited but also very sad to leave our first home that we owned
since my husband and I were married and had our 3 amazing boys.

I have a couple more months of
maternity leave. I can’t get over how my little guys is 9 months old already. I
have decided maybe I’ll take this time and start posting all the wonderful photo
shoots I took before I had him. I can’t get over I haven’t posted anything in
almost a year and a half. I guess having three boys really does keep me busy. I
was at least keeping up with my social media just a little
bit you can check out some of my work on my Instagram account or my Facebook account.

Now where
to start?? What should I post first? Newborn born shoots, family shoots, mini
sessions?? I’m not sure.  

I guess I can start with a personal
post first. That would be my boys!! Yes, I have three adorable one of a kind boy.
Like I always say to my clients they are one of the hardest people to take
photos of. Yet, I had my little guys Tayden and the second i say, “boys
Tayden wants to take a photo with you!” they come running so fast and have
the biggest smiles on they face. I say this but it also lasts for about a
second. With practice I have learnt this and I know to be ready and I know that
with in 5 mins after that the mini session is over. hahaha

I do have
some exciting news. I was approached by the Caledon Enterprise newspaper for
something special for Mother’s Day. When I was asked I couldn’t say no for many
different reasons. I was and I’m so excited about it, That will be my next post….. So, stay tune.

One last note,
I will be accepting clients now for June 2018. If you are looking for family
photos, newborn photo shoots, birthday mini sessions, please fill out the form

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