welcome little lady | bolton photographer

i was so excited to get the call from one
of my dearest friends and one of my biggest supporters. the phone call
to tell me that her little miss j was born. i have been shooting miss
j’s older brother since he was born and he
has been one of my best models. he just loves the camera and the camera
loves him. now i feel miss j will too. i just love these newborn photos.
im not sure what it is her beautiful eyes or the peacefulness of her. i
do know she is going to be a pretty lady
because she takes after her mom. i just adore the photos of her and her
big brother with his amazing big blue eyes. he was so gentle and good
with her too. i couldn’t ask for a better newborn photo shoot.

If you are interested in booking a newborn, family session
with The Final Touch Photography I would love to chat with you! Please
email me at info@thefinaltouch.ca for more information. I look forward
to hearing from you!

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